About Trillium Leadership Consulting

Pat Hughes

My business philosophy is to be an ethical, collaborative, compassionate, enthusiastic and innovative partner to leaders and organizations who seek to do good work.  Everyone has inherent gifts, and I see myself as a catalyst to helping people and organizations fulfill their potential. My life’s work is to help people hone their power and passion, and grow in their capacity to lead and collaborate.

I founded Trillium Leadership in 2005 after a multi-faceted career in leadership education, project management and journalism. I bring over 20 years experience in helping individuals, organizations and communities work better together and co-create positive futures.

My style is approachable, creative, organized, playful and knowledgeable. I am action oriented, and I like to have fun while working hard. I bring Gracious Space to all those I work with.

So what’s different about working with me than with other leadership consultants?  Some of my colleagues call it the “Pat factor:”

  • I have a professional code of ethics that guides my actions and choices with every person and group I work with.
  • I believe anyone can be a leader. Anyone who has an idea of how things could be better, and has the passion to work toward that, is a leader.  I work with people to tap this innate leadership capacity, and align it for positive change for the individual, project or organization.
  • I like to explore big ideas; and I like to get things done.
  • I advocate for relational, Servant leadership which calls leaders to both lead and serve those they lead.
  • I am drawn to and excel in collaborative design, involving clients in the right amount of input and feedback to deliver a product that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • I thrive in working with people willing to push their boundaries, try new things and be surprised.  I have received national recognition for creative leadership development.
  • My approach integrates head and heart; values and principles with systems and structures.  This is how I help clients achieve sustainable change.
  • As an advocate for sustainability, I reduce my own ecological footprint by minimizing the use of resources, using recycled and green office materials, and bicycling whenever possible to client meetings.

“What’s not to love about Pat? She is a gifted leadership expert, deeply immersed in a culture of sharing and collaboration. Her approach builds confidence in the participants’ capacity for success, and allows groups to iterate beyond what they initially thought was possible. Pat’s personality is a breath of fresh air, and she always finds a way to make the hard work more fun. She is one of the people I trust implicitly for advice.”

-Brad Patrick, Co-Founder and Partner at Executive Law Group PL