Pat Hughes Bio

Patricia (Pat) Hughes is an enthusiastic, hands-on facilitator and leadership development consultant who has worked for the past 25 years with individuals, organizations and communities to increase their leadership capacity. Pat specializes in creating safe, collaborative learning environments where people embrace innovation and reach their potential. Pat has owned Trillium Leadership Consulting in Seattle since 2005. She excels at collaborative leadership.

Pat is also a Senior Partner at the Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL) where she provides training and facilitation in Gracious Space to groups across the country. Gracious Space is a powerful group approach that invites diverse opinion and generates shared learning toward strategic goals. She is the primary author of the Center’s best-selling book Gracious Space: A Practical Guide for Working Better Together, and primary author of Courageous Collaboration with Gracious Space: From Small Openings to Profound Transformation, published in April 2011.

Pat previously served as Director of Curriculum Development for CEL, and directed the Leadership Institute in Redmond, Wash.  In 1995 she earned the national Preceptor Award from the Community Leadership Association; in 1998 she earned the Distinguished Leader award from the City of Redmond; in 2011 she won the Diversity Award from Leadership Eastside for innovative leadership program development, and in 2017 she received a Distinguished Service and Leadership award from the Center for Ethical Leadership.  A former award-winning journalist, Pat continues to publish articles on the themes of leadership, adventure travel and nature.

Pat holds an M.A. in Organization Systems Renewal from Antioch University with an emphasis on sustainable community leadership, and a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from the University of New Hampshire with an emphasis on women’s business in developing nations.

I am interested in projects that benefit women and girls globally, particularly related to individual and community leadership development.

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Pat is an avid hiker, skier, gardener, bird watcher, kayaker and bicycle commuter. She lives in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle with her husband Roy and daughter Mei Mei.

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