Your collaborative and creative leadership style allowed us to share openly with each other and to complete our work as a team. You exceeded our expectations in that you were a good fit for our team and you brought us together quickly around our common task of discerning the shared core values in the group. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I would rate you as a 10+. Thank you so much for your leadership!
-Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe, North Texas Conference

Pat has been instrumental in transforming our leadership capacity and culture. She has guided our leadership team by inspiring us with new knowledge and a spirit of servant leadership. Pat has a unique capability to encourage commitment, personal inquiry, and a hopeful outlook for organizational and personal development and success.
-Bob Anderson, CEO of Horizon House.

Pat guided the staff through a significant cultural shift: from an environment of indirect communication and unresolved conflict to one of open communication, effective conflict resolution and clear decision making methods.
-Bruce Gryniewski, former Executive Director, Washington Conservation Voters

You established a supportive tone but could also be firm when necessary. I found the sessions really well-organized, and I found you flexible and responsive to me in including on-the-fly stuff that I wanted to get done. Your work has taken root: people reference our time together, and particularly the guiding principles we established. So I am very, very happy.
-Sue Gardner, former Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation

It has been my great fortune and pleasure to learn from Pat. She is organized and inspiring, wise and accessible, honest and compassionate. Pat lives and breathes gracious leadership, and she is constantly sharpening her knowledge and skills. She is devoted to ensuring that others thrive.  Her considerable talents would be an asset to any individual or group.

-Heidi deLaubenfels, Director of Communications and External Relations, McKinstry

 Pat is an outstanding educator and a wonderful person. She gives 100+ percent of herself. Her willingness to go “beyond the ordinary” make her workshops truly great. In addition she generously shares materials and is always willing to help problem solve a particularly tricky or unique situation. I feel I can call or email her at any time and receive a warm greeting and useful assistance.  I recommend her without hesitation.

– Karen Heikel, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement, Univ of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

I am amazed by the magnitude of value brought by Gracious Space to this year’s Leadership Eastside Class. The difference in the level of trust between the participants, the deep knowledge of their classmates, the joy and respect that this class feels for each other is remarkable.  I did not expect the large positive difference the Gracious Space activities have made and I am impressed by their power to increase bonding, trust and learning. Thank you for bringing us such a powerful tool for good.

-Karin Duval, Managing Director, Leadership Eastside

Pat Hughes is articulate, clear, energizing, and a great listener. Her ingenuity, integrity, and intelligence brings out the best in others. It’s a pleasure to learn from and with Pat for two reasons: She has valuable insights to share and, likewise, she is eager to learn from others, too. I have known Pat as a fellow student, a professional peer, a consultant, and a friend. In every case she brings her best self, accompanied at all times with a stellar sense of humor.

 -Richard Wilkinson, Human Resources Director, International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH)

On a scale of 1-10, you get a 10+++. I knew we needed an independent facilitator to help us through the retreat, but the whole process dramatically exceeded my expectations.  I think the Wikimedia Foundation will be much more successful because of this weekend retreat. .

-Jimmy Wales, Founder and Chair Emeritus, Wikimedia Foundation



I cannot say enough about Pat’s professionalism, dedication, and her interpersonal skills. She is excellent at bringing groups together and working with them to develop their leadership and communication skills. She is truly inspiring from the depth of knowledge to her organization skills and warmth. Pat has a lot of integrity and truly cares about her clients.”

-Helene Cho, Certified Professional Coach, Group and Virtual Facilitator, Author