What is a trillium?

To see a trillium requires a walk in the woods. A trillium is a native flower that grows from eight inches to over a foot long, and is often found near a shady, moss-covered stream.  One of the first flowers to emerge in the spring, the perennial trillium has three petals and three sepals that rise above a whorl of three leaves.

I named my business after the trillium because it represents the leadership principles of growth, resourcefulness and hope.

  • Trilliums are patient and resilient, requiring two dormant periods for the seed to sprout.
  • The flower is resourceful in spreading its essence, by sending out roots to colonize the forest floor and by charming ants into collecting and moving seeds to germinate in new locations.
  • As the flower ages, the petals change from white to pink to purple, indicating the plant’s maturity in a sustainable eco-system.
  • To many plant lovers, trilliums represent hope and beauty, two qualities that can energize individuals and organizations in their learning.

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