Employment Relations magazine features Gracious Space

February 1st, 2012 by Patricia Hughes

More than half of all performance problems in the workplace result from strained relationships between employees.  A typical manager can spend 25-40 percent of his or her time dealing with workplace conflict.

Some managers think that caring about how employees feel is a waste of time—they are just there to get the job done, right? Not true—developing a respectful workplace that invites difference, develops conflict competence and promotes learning isn’t coddling; it’s leadership.  An organization that fails to train employees in these skills will suffer losses in opportunity, productivity and creativity.

One proven way to introduce these skills is through Gracious Space.   Creating Gracious Space at work enables everyone—employees, managers, executives, customers, suppliers, the board—to work better together in any situation.

Read the full article by Patricia Hughes, Transforming the Work Environment with Gracious Space published in Employment Relations Today magazine, January 2012, by Wiley Periodicals Inc., a Wiley Company.

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