Gracious Space Training June 10-11 and 21 in Seattle

March 22nd, 2010 by Patricia Hughes

Pat Hughes and the Center for Ethical Leadership host the Gracious Space training for change agents June 10-11 at the Talaris Conference Center in Seattle, WA, with a follow up June 21.

The training unveils the new Gracious Space Change model and guides participants through the steps of creating lasting change that features both strong relationships and savvy strategy.

The training is particularly suited for internal leaders and directors facing challenging issues, crucial conversations and complex change initiatives, as well as for external consultants and facilitators guiding others through the change process.

Part leadership development, part self-renewal and part networking with other inspiring and powerful change agents, the training will rekindle your passion and effectiveness for leading on behalf of the common good.

For information or to register, visit: Center for Ethical Leadership – Seminars and Workshops

To download a brochure for the event, click here.

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