Gracious Space Training and Facilitation

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Developed by Pat Hughes and the Center for Ethical Leadership, Gracious Space is a foundational set of principles and practices that can help any group or organization work better together. 

Pat Hughes is the primary author ofGracious Space: A Practical Guide for Working Better Together, and the lead author ofCourageous Collaboration with Gracious Space: From Small Openings to Profound Transformation.  She is a Senior Partner at the Center for Ethical Leadership’s where she teaches and facilitates Gracious Space across the country.  Gracious Space has been introduced to over 20,000 people in 35 states and 35 countries.

“Since 2004 Gracious Space has been a part of Leadership Montana. Participants and alumni have adopted Gracious Space as the way we choose to do business in Montana, and the work has spread throughout the state in dozens of unexpected and important ways.”

-Bruce Wittenberg, former Executive Director, Leadership Montana


“Many meetings and planning sessions achieve less than optimal results because of difficulty in dealing with conflict. When groups are willing to use the concepts of Gracious Space it leads us from raw debate into productive dialogue.”

-Karen Heikel, University Dean, Montana State University, Billings, MT

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