Customized Leadership Programs

Did you know that a customized leadership program doesn’t have to be expensive?

And that it can:

  • Accelerate change by involving many employees in a shared experience
  • Complement organizational priorities such as customer service and strategic planning
  • Generate employee loyalty, innovation, productivity and happiness at work


I am a thought-leader and an award-winning designer and developer in the leadership field.

Over the past 25 years I have designed customized leadership programs for organizations, teams, communities and businesses, ranging from two to eight years in length.  All delivered behavioral and cultural impact, and several won recognition in their industries. 

“Pat has been instrumental in transforming our leadership capacity and culture. She has guided our leadership team by inspiring us with new knowledge and a spirit of servant leadership. Pat has a unique capability to encourage commitment, personal inquiry, and a hopeful outlook for organizational and personal development.”

-Bob Anderson, CEO, Horizon House

Read my article “Ten Ingredients for a Successful Customized Leadership Program” published by Wiley in Employment Relations Today.


I give highly engaging and effective keynotes talks, which can complement a conference or retreat. I have keynoted on issues of civic discourse, communication, Gracious Space, working collaboratively, team building, making impactful presentations, ethical leadership and more.

Workshops and Training

I have been called a masterful facilitator and presenter, and can deliver workshops that motivate staff, clarify direction and generate action.  I can train and facilitate learning on a vast array of leadership content in an interactive and engaging style, including:

  • Adaptive leadership
  • Building teams
  • Building trust
  • Collaboration
  • Communicating to Executives
  • Communication Styles
  • Conflict competence
  • Core values
  • Courageous leadership
  • Ethical leadership
  • Ethical decision making  & ethical dilemmas
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Gracious Space
  • Managing change
  • Mentoring
  • Servant leadership


Pat has a unique ability to design and facilitate retreats that simultaneously create a safe space in which to explore diverse perspectives, as well as provide a structured action agenda that generates clarity on goals, roles and next steps.

For a list of clients and testimonials of Pat’s work, visit the About Us page.


Trillium Leadership partners with other trainers and facilitators in content areas such as:

  • Branding
  • Stakeholder Marketing
  • Cultural Competence and Race Relations

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