Strategic and Team Facilitation

Trillium Leadership Consulting helps teams work better and organizations create clarity and positive change through excellent facilitation.

“In my 40 years in education I’ve been to a lot of meetings. Yours was the best facilitated meeting and conference I’ve ever been to.”  

– Roger Erskine, Co-Founder, Washington League of Education Voters

Team Facilitation

I work with teams to help them learn each other’s strengths and styles, clarify roles, deal with conflict, and work better together for best results.

Strategic Facilitation

Pat excels at customized, strategic facilitation where strategy and innovation count.  I can design and deliver an effective and enjoyable event that will:

  • Clarify vision and mission
  • Identify strengths, opportunities and potential barriers for meeting the mission
  • Identify the target objectives and detailed action steps
  • Produce an agreed-upon timetable with clear roles and responsibilities

Convening Groups

I bring over 20 years of experience in convening large groups to leverage change.  I am skilled in numerous large-group change methodologies, including Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Learning Communities, Open Space Technology, ICA Technology of Participation, World Café, Gracious Space, Circle and Dialogue.


Pat’s presence made a dramatic difference for our annual board retreat. I was initially wary that we could get the Board fully engaged. Not only did Pat get the Board fully engaged, but helped to produce lasting goals and objectives for the immediate future. Pat’s presence, wisdom and professional facilitating made the outcome a terrific success and well beyond my expectations.”  

– Jim Lauinger, board president, Pomegranate Center

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